face  Misha Dynin

I write on Google+ and Twitter (often), on Blogger (much less often), and post pictures on Flickr


I live and work in Mountain View, California.  My primary professional interest is computer software as a medium for human communication.

I grew up in Russia and moved to Bay Area after high school.  California definitely has the edge when it comes to weather.  I especially enjoyed living and studying in Berkeley, except for the parking problem.  (It can be argued, however, that the function of the latter is to create an incentive for doing research that would win a Nobel Prize.)


You can reach me by sending a message to

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.  If you received an email from me, it is likely that you can find my voice number in the signature.


Coming soon.


Most of the code I wrote to date I can't share, although I am working to fix that.  I was an engineer on the teams that developed and maintained Blogger and Google Reader.  Sometimes I write funny code or hack for ice cream.


One of my hobbies is to come up with novel visual ways to interact with information.  My clock design combines the advantages of a digital display and an analog dial.  Here is a weather forecast visualization that communicates a lot more infromation than "sun and clouds" pictures.


My favorite quote is the Inventor's Paradox by George PĆ³lyaThe more ambitious plan may have more chances of success.

Thanks for visiting!  If you want to receive updates, following me on Google+ is likely to work best.  If you link to me, please use http://mishadynin.com/ as the set of protocols I actively use is likely to evolve.